The Patients List: A gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist

by James Caine

The new patient whispered a list of names. One by one they’re each dying.

Rina Kent was the new hot shot psychiatrist at Holy Saints ward. She also recently married the love of her life, who’s also a doctor at the same hospital. Rina felt on top of the world, until one of her patients committed suicide.

Rina knows it was her fault.

A year later, her marriage has already gone down in flames. All she has left is her patients, but she’s lost her confidence to help them.

When a suicidal teenaged girl comes to her ward, Rina sees a second chance to help the patient she couldn’t save. The new girl won’t say a word to anyone though and Rina’s colleagues already feel she’s a lost cause, until one night the girl shyly walks up to Rina and whispers a list of names.

What Rina can’t understand is why the last name she says is her ex-husband’s.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological