by Susanna Beard

The woman who has it all. Heather has lucked out. She has a beautiful house, a happy marriage to James Jessop, with two sons, Ben and Harry — and she’s just won the lottery. £29 million! The loyal best friend. Natalie has never quite kept up, but she’s finally in a relationship with a new boyfriend, Nick. She’s been best friends with Heather since they were bullied at school. But will her friend’s new fortune change their relationship? A dream come true turns into a paranoid nightmare. The Jessops comfortable life dissolves into chaos. Heather starts getting anonymous, hateful messages on her phone. She begs Natalie to escape with her to Spain, along with a few other close friends. But away from the limelight in London, things go from bad to worse. Then the worst happens and Heather realises she can’t trust anyone. Not even her best friend. Nothing will ever be the same again. Charged with menace, this unputdownable, edgy story of jealousy and suspicion by critically acclaimed author Susanna Beard reimagines the depths of the psychological thriller.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological