The Perilous Awakening of Johnny Hazard

by E.B. Hauk

1986–OSU assistant coach Johnny Hazard is a man who has everything: the woman of his dreams, a recently remodeled Dutch Colonial home, and a budding Benadryl habit. But when his wife, Janet, leaves him to “find herself,” Johnny’s Benadryl abuse grows out of control, and his nightmares follow him into the daylight. Reality melts, and he’s introduced to the world behind the world, meeting a cast of wayward characters who offer a safe harbor from the storm of his life. But Johnny craves terror, and his downward spiral tightens as he examines a growing sickness within society and himself.

The Perilous Awakening of Johnny Hazard is a deconstruction of the every man dedicated to the horrors of human existence, isolation, self-loathing, and everything we keep hidden. The supernatural terrors that haunt his step mirror his internal struggles. Watch a human dumpster fire in action.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological