The Poison Profession

by Rachel Wright

Love is priceless but life is cheap

A dark tale of love, drugs and killing, set on a lonely Pacific Island where the Clayman siblings live outside of the law.

Louisa Clayman, notorious vigilante assassin known as Crail, makes a fortune covertly killing high profile low-lifes. Crail’s identity is well hidden by layers of encryption on the Dark Web when Louisa meets and falls for internet gamer Rikard. However, when Rikard’s friend Markus starts cyberstalking Louisa, he doesn’t realise she is protected by a top level black-hat hacker whose life depends on guarding Louisa’s identity. Markus’ actions start a chain of events that puts them all at risk and not everyone survives.

$0.99 Previously $5.14

Category: Thrillers – Assassinations

Louisa’s Legacy

by Rachel Wright

When Maja Larsson learns her father was murdered on a remote Pacific island eight years earlier, she embarks on a journey with lawyer Will Brownlie to find out why he was killed. It soon becomes clear that someone is trying to cover up the real story and as Will investigates, he realises their lives are in immediate danger.

Her father’s lover has left her vast fortune to Maja in her will. The secret surrounding both their deaths is protected by a skilled black-hat hacker who will kill to stop them finding out. Will and Maja struggle to survive as he hunts them online in a modern world where every move is recorded in cyberspace.

$5.09 Previously $5.14