The Reluctant Assassin

by Richard Scott

A bestselling novel of intrigue, shadowy politics, and shocking surprises that deftly navigates between the chaotic hope and confusion of post-Cold War Moscow and turn-of-the-Millennium Washington. This is the first book in the Tony Dantry series. The action is fast paced, and there’s enough hi-tech gadgetry to satisfy the most demanding fans of techno-thrillers.
Each chapter of The Reluctant Assassin pulls the reader deeper into the story as the author builds tension the way a carpenter builds a house—step by well-crafted step. But this brilliantly turned thriller—reminiscent of Ken Follett’s Eye of the Needle—is more than mindless action. The characters are developed, and the reader cares about them.
Masterfully crafted by Richard Scott, The Reluctant Assassin fuses razor-sharp intrigue with a gripping insight into the confusing chaos that exists between the United States and Russia. Having rapidly achieved bestseller status, readers are hailing Scott’s work as “like watching a movie” and “A refreshing approach to the age-old USA vs. USSR story line”. —SBWire

The author definitely knows plotting and that makes the book a good read.—Spy Guys and Gals

Vyugin and his friends kept me up past 3 a.m. two nights in a row with my first experience reading a book on Kindle. -Peter Hackmeister, Massachusetts

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