The Reluctant Detective: A C.T. Ferguson Private Investigator Mystery

by Tom Fowler

It’s novice PI C.T. Ferguson’s first case. He wants something simple. Instead, he gets Alice.

Hacker C.T. Ferguson has never taken the easy route. While living in China, he worked against the government. Then they arrested and deported him. Back home, he uses his digital skills as a private investigator.

Suspecting her husband is cheating on her, Alice hires C.T. to investigate. He soon learns Alice has her own problems, namely a ruthless adversary squeezing her for money. Even the suspicious death of her husband can’t buy Alice a break.

C.T. stays on the case because he hates seeing innocent people pushed around. His persistence puts his life in danger. If C.T. can’t figure out what happened, both he and Alice will face deadly consequences.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators