The Rocking Crate

by C. Craig Coleman

Darius Morefield’s father has just been killed by lightning, leaving Darius and his mother distraught. They have no friends in the small North Carolina town they recently moved to, and a promised job soon evaporated when the plant closed. Badly stressed, Darius is befriended by another boy and girl, neighbors from nearby homes, on their way to begin their senior year in high school.

The trauma of his father’s sudden death has given Darius a sixth sense, leaving him feeling greater sensitivity to pain and suffering. He begins to stumble into issues that reveal his new town has a dark history, much of it associated through the years with people that lived in the abandoned house next to his. Following traces of suspended pain, Darius picks up clues and begins to trace old stories that lead to murders and suffering all around him.

One source to unraveling the mysteries comes through Stella Jefferson, an old woman who has been an outcast since an accident that has forced her to live on the mountain above town as a fortune teller. Many believe her to be a witch. Visits with her and subsequent library research draw Darius ever deeper toward the sources of the radiating pain. And it all began with the rocking crate.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy