The Rookie: A Hale Mary Mystery

by Katrina Kyle

Disgraced ex-snowboard champion, Hale Mary, doesn’t back away from a challenge. But this time she may be in over her head. Her client is dead. Her brother is a suspect. Her job prospects are shot. And her ex is back in town. Can she dodge his romantic advances long enough to clear her brother and salvage her new career? Or will she take her eye off the prize and end up the killer’s next victim?

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Category: Mystery – Series

The Choke: A Hale Mary Mystery

by Katrina Kyle

Hale Seton is tired of losing. Determined to get her struggling sports management agency off the ground, the disgraced ex-snowboard champion is in Key West, Florida trying to land a deal with local billionaire and boxing afficionado, Ricky Dominica.

But before she can sign on the dotted line, a homeless man turns up dead—on Ricky’s yacht.

When the police finger Ricky’s son for the murder, Hale leaps at the chance to help uncover the truth. When she discovers the victim is the father of an underprivileged local fighter, it isn’t long before she’s entangled in a complex web of corruption and greed.

As Hale is pulled into the search—along with a dirty cop, jealous siblings, and a back-stabbing ex-girlfriend—she finds herself caught between the killer and the truth.

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