The Runaway

by Peter J Thompson

A corrupt corporation. Ruthless assassins. Will the family that runs together… die together?

Fifteen-year-old Zach Monaghan has a target on his back. He’s run away from the Witness Protection Program, returning home. He wants to get back to his friends—and to the girl he met right before being whisked away. But escaping his fake identity won’t last long if two contract killers catch up to him…

Big Joe Gorski has climbed the ladder from street thug to tycoon. Now he’s got it all—riches—status—police, and politicians in his pocket. But life at the top is suddenly unsteady and one slip can bring it all down. Gorski has to move carefully. But being careful goes against his nature. He’s a raging bull and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep what he has…let the bodies fall where they will.

With fast action, high-stakes tension, and a cast of compelling characters you’ll love this new novel.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime