The Russia Chronicles. Book One: The Streets of Moscow

by Andrew Anzur Clement

Lost in the body crush, separated from his parents and his American passport, Peter is rescued by a band of teenagers: children fleeing broken homes and struggling to survive on their own in Moscow’s subway system.
Unable to return to the US embassy, Peter must now throw in his lot with the band of homeless youth who have taken him in. Reluctant, and unable to speak Russian at first, he begins to discover Moscow’s secret underworld as he grows closer to his newfound friends, including a resolute but caring girl named Tanya. Together, they face the indifference, hunger, and corruption that are a part of life for Russia’s street children. Life or death could hinge on outsmarting a former member of their gang turned politically powerful enemy, and breaking into some of the Russian government’s most heavily fortified facilities.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

The Russia Chronicles. Book Two: The Siberian Sprit

by Andrew Anzur Clement

Forced to flee into the harsh Siberian winter, Peter, Katya and their gang of street urchins must trek east to a promised Slavic pagan sanctuary. But, when their last hideout is destroyed by a ruthless Federal Security Bureau agent, a shocking revelation about Katya’s bloodlines and a surprise defection from the government’s may prove their final hope for survival.

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