The Scaevola Conspiracy

by Timo Bozsolik-Torres

Tech billionaires – rich powerful philanthropists, who develop AI for the greater good. Or so they want us to believe… What if sinister motives are at play?

Luke, an intellectually brilliant but socially awkward data scientist, lands a dream job at a prestigious Silicon Valley tech company. Teaming up with the sharp-tongued ex-hacker Ada and Clark, scion of a famous venture capitalist, their journey takes them into the heart of California’s tech hub where artificial intelligence is about to change the world. But their lives take an unexpected turn when a string of mysterious deaths rocks the tech scene.

As tensions are rising, an unsettling thought begins to stir. Could they be next?
Then Clark commits suicide.

In the aftermath, Luke and Ada discover a far-reaching conspiracy beneath the glimmering surface of the Valley. But to what end? As they venture into forbidden territory, survive adrenaline-fueled break-ins, and become hunted by the authorities, they expose a terrible truth.

The clock is ticking and time is running out. Will the team be able to defy the odds and prevent the upcoming disaster?

$4.85 Previously $4.88

Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers