The Scorched Girls

by MK Farrar

She’s the law in a lawless society…

In a commune in the middle of the Californian desert, a trailer is burning.

During the early hours of a hot summer morning, Detective Lawrey Winters is called to the discovery of the bodies of a young couple inside a charred trailer home.
This isn’t the first time a trailer has been set on fire in the commune of Sandtown, but normally the owners aren’t inside.
The locals are notoriously closed-lipped. They believe in protecting their own and the police aren’t welcome.
Except Lawrey has a connection to Sandtown—her son, a troubled addict—lives there, too.
The fire in the trailer stirs up more questions than answers. What happened to the young couple? Why did they make no attempt to escape?
Lawrey digs into their past and learns they were on the run. Was the person after them the same one who killed them?
As her investigation uncovers secrets the towns’ resident would never want the police to know, Lawrey is forced to face the truth.
Is there anyone she can trust?
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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals