The Secretives

by Lena L. Whiteside

Charles Castro is a man born with a gift of super human strength, and is leader and founder of a secret unidentified potent group of highly trained experts called the Alliance. But when Charles goes missing, his Alliance stumble upon a thirty-year old secret that reveals the truth about their leaders’ son, Dillon Castro, who supposedly died at birth, but is discovered to be very much alive. Now Dillon, who also secretly possesses the same gift of super human strength must be found to fulfill his fathers’ role before the ultimate threat of why he was taken away from his father years ago prevails again. Dillon must join a world embarking on dark and hidden truths, his fathers’ covert Alliance, and a sinister archenemy out to get him facing his biggest challenge, saving his father’s legacy, and finally finding his father, if he is still alive.

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Category: Mystery – Series