The Snake

by Jonas Saul

Jake Wood has it all. He’s a homicide detective with the Ontario Provincial Police, his partner is like a brother, and he’s about to marry the girl of his dreams.

Jake and his partner are investigating a serial killer who has terrorized southern Ontario for more than a decade. But when Jake assists at a routine accident, everything spirals out of control. He awakes in a hospital – eighteen months later.

His job is gone. His fiancée is married and pregnant. His house was sold. His partner has transferred to another city and become the lead detective on the serial killer case. Even Jake’s dog died.

He buys a house in the woods of northern Ontario and slithers away into hiding. He only wants undisturbed solitude when thieves break in and steal his computer. Jake races through the woods after them, catching his prey unawares. When he learns these rats intentionally targeted him, his blood runs cold. He’s coiled tight inside, ready to strike at someone, anyone.

Then his old partner calls. Homicide Division is requesting Jake come on as a consultant to aid in apprehending the serial killer that has eluded them for some time. If he assists, his partner will help investigate the burglary.

The case is just what Jake needs to draw him out of his hole – something to sink his teeth into.

Jake must shed the shell that engulfs him and become comfortable in his new skin in order to be absolved of his venomous anger.

As The Snake, can Jake survive the metamorphosis?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime