The Soul Saver

by Dineen Miller

Lexie Baltimore is dedicated to helping people return to Christ through her inspired art. But when God sends her latest mission, she’s shocked to discover the man’s face He led her to sculpt is a pastor. And as she feels herself growing apart from her atheist husband, Lexie finds her admiration for the minister turning to attraction.

Physics professor Hugh Baltimore believes in science, not religion. And when he meets the man portrayed in his wife’s art, he grows increasingly suspicious that she’s having an affair. But with career-ending rumors circulating at his university, he’s desperate for her support.

As Lexie struggles with her loyalty, she’s torn between her dedication to the church and her unconditional love for her spouse. But with a demon’s sights set on Hugh, the skeptic is suddenly dragged into a dangerous battle where succumbing could cost his career… and his life.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological