The South Bank Murders

by Biba Pearce

His mentor slain. A detective out for revenge. A criminal mastermind always one step ahead.

Detective Rob Miller is at home with his crying newborn son when he gets the news. His friend and mentor retired Chief Superintendent Lawrence has been shot dead. Lawrence had always been his rock.

Rob is devastated. An hour ago Lawrence had called to ask him to meet, but Rob couldn’t go because he was on daddy duty.

Now he will hunt down the killer — but his boss thinks he’s too emotionally involved.

This time it’s personal, but it’s not the only murder Rob’s got on his plate.

The body of a young man is found on the south bank of the Thames near the London Eye with an unusual stamp on his wrist. Are the two killings related?

His baby won’t sleep. His partner needs him. Can he be there for them and bring a killer to justice?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals