The Sting of Death

by Linda Berry

When a violent crime spree erupts in her small town, Chief Becker puts her force on high alert. It starts with the vicious killing of a beekeeper in what appears to be a burglary gone horribly wrong. But the next morning a scantily clad woman is found murdered in her home. Bee-related evidence found planted on her body connects the two homicides. Becker’s team is now looking for a killer who is extremely knowledgeable about bees. As the investigation digs deeper, dark secrets of a sexual nature come to light. The case of a young woman who vanished without a trace is reopened. Other beekeepers come forward who have been attacked and had their beehives stolen. Men in the community with spotless reputations are swept into the vortex. All of these crimes are somehow related. Becker needs to unravel the threads—fast. A vicious killer is walking free, hiding in plain sight.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals