The Sunless Sea

by Luther Banks

A Storm gathers. The lines between fiction and reality blur. But everything’s under CTRL. Somehow.

Small-time blogger Jane Harlow doesn’t want to believe in the conspiracy. Hers is a world of hard facts, but when a mysterious stranger arrives with shocking claims about her father’s murder, Jane’s life quickly unravels. She is in danger. Friends and family become indistinguishable from agents of a shadowy and violent Cabal. A life-or-death chase begins.

Now she must choose: believe or die.

The harrowing trail of clues left by an impossibly smart killer leads Jane on a desperate chase to the ends of the Earth, and to the dark part of her past she can’t leave behind. Each new revelation is more unnerving than the last.

To survive, Jane will have to reckon with the greatest lie in human history.

The Sunless Sea will reveal the truth that changes everything.

If you enjoy the gripping action of Clive Cussler, the smart suspense of Michael Crichton, or the conspiracy puzzles of Dan Brown, The Sunless Sea is the thriller you’ve been waiting for.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies