by Geoffrey Osborne

Detective Superintendent Ralph Blade never liked Detective Harold Ashington. These two men had history. Ashington never forgave Blade for marrying his former girlfriend, Julie, and he was convinced that Blades’ son was his own. Now Ashington is dead, murdered at the world-famous Police Staff College in the heart of rural Hampshire. And Julie can’t explain why she had planned to meet him on the night he died. HAS A FORGOTTEN LOVE TRIANGLE TURNED DEADLY? But Ashington was a bully and a blackmailer, and widely disliked. There are plenty of other suspects — and all of them are either senior police officers or closely connected to the force. Then Blade’s prime suspect and one of his team are brutally attacked and left for dead. CAN BLADE AND HIS NEW SECOND-IN-COMMAND DETECTIVE DOROTHY FRASER UNCOVER WHO HAS MOTIVE, MEANS AND OPPORTUNITY?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals