The Thing Speaks for Itself: A Stratis Detective Novel

by A.S.A. Durphy

A missing friend. A murderous corporation. A failing mind. Lucky for Gracie, she’s got tenacity in spades.
Special Agent Gracie Stratis longs to see the world one embassy at a time. Those plans perish when she puts herself in front of an assassin’s bullet. Her world might never be the same. With a hobbled mind and body, she returns home to Oakland. It’s a long road back for Gracie, aided by the loyal support of her brother and friends. Life takes another hard turn when one of those friends mysteriously disappears. Gracie determines to find him. The deeper she digs, the more layers of deception she uncovers. Every angle oozes trouble. Driven to find her friend, she takes on a corrupt city one criminal at a time. Each step pulls her closer to facing a buried past and a haunted mind.

The Thing Speaks for Itself is the opening book in a series of hard-boiled detective thriller novels. If you love page-turning suspense, witty dialog, and tenacious heroines, then you’ll love A.S.A. Durphy’s gripping look at one woman’s hunt for a missing person.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled