The Tom Dugan Omnibus: Books 1 – 3

by R.E. McDermott

Meet Tom Dugan – A globe-trotting marine consultant and very part-time CIA asset, Dugan only agreed to take a few pictures in Chinese shipyards now and again under the cover of his regular business operation. Then ‘The Company’ needed a fall guy, and it all went terribly wrong.

Deadly Straits (Book 1)

WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) are all around us, hiding in plain sight. One in just the right place will bring the world to its knees. When a cabal of international terrorists engineers not one act of terror, but three, part-time spook turned CIA scapegoat Tom Dugan is the only one with a clue.

But no one will listen. They’re too busy trying to kill him.

Deadly Straits is a non-stop thrill ride, from London streets, to the dry docks of Singapore, to the decks of the tankers that slake the world’s thirst for oil, with stops along the way in Panama, Langley, Virginia, and Teheran. Richly spiced with detail from the author’s 30 years sailing, building, and repairing ships worldwide, it is, in the words of one reviewer, “fast-paced, multilayered and gripping.”

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Category: Suspense