The Trade Off

by Frank Zafiro and B. R. Paulson

A vigilante uncle and a rogue cop against the sex slave industry.

What could go wrong?

What could go right?

Detective “Gus” MacIntyre works deep undercover in the sex slave industry as a woman who buys and sells other young women. She’s so deep that sometimes she forgets just how far is too far. Can she walk the line between duty and human decency?

“Bull” Porter blurs those lines when he finds out his niece is kidnapped. Rather than hunting in the wilds, he stalks his prey on the dirty streets of the city’s underbelly where the hunted can turn the tables in an instant. How far will Bull go to save his niece? What lines will he cross?

When Bull and Gus meet and merge their battle to rescue the latest victims, there’s more at stake than a couple innocents. For everything there is a trade off and Bull and Gus must decide what’s worth it and what’s not.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime