The Ultimate Threat

by James Osborne

Candlewood Lake, Connecticut.

Mark Trembley and Paige Sanchez were embarking on a new life together.

They had just moved into their new home.

The home which Mark had bought before they met, after returning from duty in Afghanistan with the Navy SEALS.

But as they looked out over tree-covered hills, admiring the panoramic views, Paige noticed that something wasn’t quite right.

Hooded men dressed in camouflage and carrying assault rifles were running up the sloping lawn toward them.

Only through the experience he had gained through many years of training and time in combat was Mark able to protect Paige and get to safety.

But Mark wasn’t able to protect his step-children who were out in the local park with their babysitter.

By the time they emerge from the attack, the children and the babysitter are gone.

Who were those men and what did they want?

Mark may have left the Navy SEALS but he certainly hasn’t left the heat of battle with his new job at the FBI.

In the weeks preceding the attack Mark had been working his way into the fringes of a mafia family, but it isn’t organised crime families that are the threat.

FBI intelligence has shown that ISIS are in the process of bringing the war to America by infiltrating the mafia and placing sleeper cells within it.

Mark is in their way – and now they want him removed.

Can Mark stave off ‘The Ultimate Threat’ in his mission to save not only his family but the freedom of America as well?

‘The Ultimate Threat’ is a turbo-charged action thriller that will keep readers gripped to the last page.

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