The Unholy Mother

by Enya Wolf

Murder, a missing child, and a couple trapped in a jail of lies…

Kim and Jamie, her archaeologist husband, arrive in the Bahamas with their son William to launch Jamie’s reality TV show. His discovery of a treasure-laden shipwreck linked to a gruesome cult brought them fame and riches but threatens to wash their marriage onto the rocks.

At their beachfront villa, a tragic event triggers a night of terror. William goes missing and Jamie meets with violence and temptation in equal measure. Secrets get buried deep that night, and when the investigation into William’s disappearance goes nowhere, their troubled marriage soon follows.

With a forensic breakthrough offering fragile hope, Kim and Jamie set out on a make-or-break mission, heading for an island haunted by a sinister past. Can William still be alive? Can they get back their once perfect marriage? A shocking twist awaits…

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological