The Unknown Devil

by Tom Fowler

Hacker turned private investigator C.T. Ferguson sees a lot of himself in his teenaged client. Brian hires C.T. to find older brother Chris and his girlfriend Anna. C.T. learns Chris wrote ransomware that would be potent in the wrong hands.

Alberto Esposito wants to modernize and take over organized crime in Baltimore. He’s focused on Chris and his ransomware–a program he hired Chris to write. He’s determined to find Chris and doesn’t care who becomes collateral damage.

Just as C.T. thinks he has things figured out, Chris, Anna, and Brian all vanish. When a body turns up, the case descends into chaos. The aftermath leads C.T. to not one but two deadly showdowns.

The Unknown Devil is the riveting second novel in the C.T. Ferguson mystery series. If you like fast-paced stories, wisecracking sleuths, and classic noir mixed with cyber intrigue, you’ll want to add this book to your collection.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators