The Warbirds

by Richard Herman

The Pentagon, Washington.

When Libya provokes a world crisis, the 45th Tactical Fighter Wing is relocated to a base in East Anglia to prepare for combat.

Colonel Anthony “Muddy” Waters has a mission: to mould a company of poorly trained rogues and misfits into heroes.

His assignment is one that no other officer in the United States Air Force would touch.

But Waters has a fabled stubbornness and dedication unparalleled in the armed services…and the will to make the impossible possible.

This includes turning a superbly talented pilot but loose cannon named Jack Locke into a fighting force to be reckoned with.

Because their country could ask them at any time to fly their F-4s into the eye of the firestorm, to face an overwhelming enemy and brave the flames of hell itself without question and with no support.

Tomorrow that call will come.

And there will be no turning back when the heavens explode.

Combining the hard world of power-politics with phenomenal air-war sequences and nail-biting tension, THE WARBIRDS is the flying novel of the decade.

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