The Wave at Hanging Rock

by Gregg Dunnett

What if your best friend was a psychopath – and you didn’t notice?

A psychological thriller with soul. Shortlisted for the Chanticleer Clue Awards for the best thriller/suspense novel of 2016, and one of the most downloaded books of 2017 so far…

Jesse tells the story of his coming-of-age on the wild Atlantic coast, where he fails to notice the disturbing behaviour of his best friend.

Natalie‚Äôs husband goes missing at sea in circumstances which don’t make sense. And while she searches for him, it seems she also has something to hide.

Their two stories come crashing together in a way you won’t foresee, and you’ll never get the twist that comes right at the end…

The Wave at Hanging Rock is a powerful and intelligent thriller that will grip you from the first line, and keep you guessing till the very last page.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological