The Woman in the Dollhouse

by Ellen Byerrum

If you lost your memories,
would you lose your soul?

“In my memories, my eyes are always green.”
A young woman finds herself recovering from a devastating accident in a memory research facility near Washington, D.C., in this new psychological suspense thriller. Her eyes are brown, not green as she remembers; her memories are broken. Years of her life are blank, yet she remembers being two very different women, one called Tennyson, the other Marissa. If she can’t trust her memories or her own eyes, who can she trust? To save her sanity and her life, Tennyson begins a secret journal between the lines of Homer’s Odyssey—and her own harrowing odyssey into madness and murder. Lost among her shattered memories, can she find her true self?

$3.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Mystery – Private Investigators