Thick as Thieves: A Cozy Mystery with a Twist

by Mary B. Barbee

Anna and Beth are as close as they come. As helpful to their Amish community as they are to their husbands, the twins are proud of being the resident problem-solvers. But they may be in over their heads when the local sheriff is found behind their relative’s hardware store, stone-cold dead.

Desperate to save their loved one and restore harmony, Anna and Beth are shocked by the discovery of mysterious diamonds at the crime scene. And with a brash big-city investigator ready to wrap up the case and toss an innocent man into the slammer, the sisters are in a race against the clock to dish out small-town justice.

Will this amateur-detective duo clear the family name before it’s left in tatters?

Thick as Thieves is the absorbing first book in The Amish Lantern Mystery cozy Christian suspense series. If you like engaging characters, charming locales, and captivating secrets, then you’ll adore Mary B. Barbee’s horse-drawn whodunit.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy