Bow Season by Ryan Alexander

Bow Season

by Ryan Alexander

A winding case unfolds when a young woman is found shot with an arrow in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Brayden Tucker and Mike Lenard, Eagle River’s most unlikely duo of detectives, make an astonishing discovery: could this be the work of a serial killer? Tension rises between the young progressive detective and the grizzled old veteran as they try to solve each case… before the next Bow Season.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

North Korea Deception by Richard Lyntton

North Korea Deception

by Richard Lyntton

An unimaginable nuclear disaster. Thousands of lives at stake. One man can prevent it … as a global conspiracy plots his assassination. Buckle up NOW for this gripping, action-packed thriller of international intrigue, espionage, suspense & deceit …
Can a reporter who hates corruption stay true to himself when lives are on the line?
Is he being set up?
Jack Steele survived the first Gulf War, Bosnia, and his time as a UN Peacekeeper. As a captain and tank commander, he saw the dark side of war. Skilled in language, he speaks Russian, German, French, and Bosnian. That’s why they sent him.
Two UN Officials have gone missing. They were last seen in the Tumen Triangle.
A 324-mile river that borders Russia, China, and North Korea, it’s a place few Westerners have heard of or understand. It would be a prize-winning story if he could crack it. Sometimes fate puts a person where they need to be—and then he saw the child fall beneath the ice.
When Steele rescued the boy, it was the first domino to fall.
Would it lead to North Korea launching a nuclear missile and taking the lives of thousands of innocent citizens?
You’ll love this high octane, adrenaline rush of an international action thriller with twists, turns, an impossible romance, and excruciating choices: Jack Steele must risk his marriage, his job, and his loyalty to Queen and country – if he survives.
Get it now!

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

Intruders by Gary Winston Brown


by Gary Winston Brown

“Explodes right out of the gate and keeps you hooked all the way to the end.” (Amazon Review)

A deadly vendetta. A sole survivor. A contract killer bent on revenge.

When renowned psychic and law enforcement consultant Jordan Quest accepts a request from the FBI to help solve a high-profile missing person’s case, her life is changed forever. Her family is ripped apart. But the danger is far from over.

Until yesterday, her life had been perfect. Now a professional assassin wants her dead, and time is running out for two innocent kidnapping victims.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Soul Saver by Dineen Miller

The Soul Saver

by Dineen Miller

Lexie Baltimore is dedicated to helping people return to Christ through her inspired art. But when God sends her latest mission, she’s shocked to discover the man’s face He led her to sculpt is a pastor. And as she feels herself growing apart from her atheist husband, Lexie finds her admiration for the minister turning to attraction.

Physics professor Hugh Baltimore believes in science, not religion. And when he meets the man portrayed in his wife’s art, he grows increasingly suspicious that she’s having an affair. But with career-ending rumors circulating at his university, he’s desperate for her support.

As Lexie struggles with her loyalty, she’s torn between her dedication to the church and her unconditional love for her spouse. But with a demon’s sights set on Hugh, the skeptic is suddenly dragged into a dangerous battle where succumbing could cost his career… and his life.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Somebody Out There by Kevin Lynch

Somebody Out There

by Kevin Lynch

Ben and Deborah leave the city to start a new life in the countryside. As soon as they arrive bad things start to happen. It becomes clear somebody out there wants them gone.
But Deborah doesn’t scare easily – she’s not giving up without a fight.
She digs for the truth. What she finds is more horrifying than she could ever have imagined.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Blue Gowanus by Michael Hartnett

Blue Gowanus

by Michael Hartnett

Escaping an assassination attempt, the underground figure El Buscador lands in Brooklyn’s Gowanus. Secret meetings, floods, and the opening of long hidden channels lead to a spectacular climax along a canal whose toxicity can lead either to its resurrection or to its demise.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime