Justin Lakes Supernatural Thriller Series By Leigh Vernon

Justin Lakes Supernatural Thriller Series By Leigh Vernon

by Leigh Vernon

A beast is coming, one that even the old gods fear.

Justin is honored to serve his people, duty-bound to the woman who showed him his true calling. Like the rest of his unnatural brethren, he’s all too aware of the need to keep evil at bay and remain hidden from the world of humans.

But when an ancient enemy rises to challenge them, a beast the likes of which not seen in centuries, the world as Justin knows it is ripped out from under his feet.

Thrust into a race against time and unsure who he can trust, quick wits and a steady resolve will be Justin’s only key to survival. He must struggle to find a way to contain the newly-released darkness and defeat an evil that threatens to consume the entire world.

Will Justin find the strength to be a light for those who depend on him? Or will humanity collapse into certain ruin?

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Operation Zigzag by Hannah Howe

Operation Zigzag

by Hannah Howe

Operation Zigzag is book one in the twelve book Eve’s War, Heroines of SOE Series. Written by Amazon #1 author Hannah Howe (Sam’s Song, Ann’s War and Saving Grace), Operation Zigzag places Eve in a dilemma: to obey her husband, or to follow her calling and assist the French Resistance. Can be read as a standalone.

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Flight of the Tarantula Hawk by Michael Allan Scott

Flight of the Tarantula Hawk

by Michael Allan Scott

If you like those tough guys – Bosch, Reacher, Robicheaux – wait until you meet Lance and friends. A reluctant police consultant, Lance sees murders before they happen. It’s a curse, and only his dead wife can save him.

An IndieReader Best Book, with an oddball cast of enduring characters, it’s one of the stand-alone Lance Underphal mystery/thrillers showcased on NBC’s Daytime. Intelligent, intense, it’ll have you guessing as it twists murder, action, and suspense into a keep-you-up-nights binge read.

Looking for a clever twist on an inventive theme? This unpredictable novel will grab you by the eyeballs and won’t let go. Hard to read. Harder to put down. Treat yourself to a harrowing flight, tonight.

Editorial Reviews:
“A brisk, intelligent thriller where the action can turn on a dime as new suspects and situations occur.” – IndieReader – 5 Star Review – Top Book Pick and a Best Book of 2014
“Not for the faint of heart, Michael Allan Scott’s thriller balances mystery and horror in
equal proportions…this inventive tale deserves a high mark for intricate plotting.” – Clarion Review

“Solid characters and Lance’s alluringly grim dreams help distinguish this murder mystery.” – Kirkus Review

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Left for Dead by Deborah Rogers

Left for Dead

by Deborah Rogers

Kidnapped. Left for dead in the wilderness. Can she survive?

Amelia Kellaway is ecstatic. The thirty-something lawyer has quit her job and turned her back on the suffocating corporate world of a New York law firm to embark on a three month solo trek of the California Coastal Trail. But as Amelia sets out on her big adventure, things take a sinister turn when she’s kidnapped by a stranger and taken deep into the wilderness…

A fast-paced read, this engrossing and chilling psychological thriller delivers a heart-pounding conclusion that you won’t see coming. If you like tense, gritty psychological suspense thrillers, you’ll love this series starter from exciting new crime writer Deborah Rogers.

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Category: Suspense

Not Her by Noah Fitz

Not Her

by Noah Fitz


The app tells kids to kill themselves… and they do it.

In a small town near Berlin, schoolkids are dying to fulfill a string of dangerous internet challenges. A pretty girl plunges off a bridge while posing for a picture. A young man electrocutes himself in front of an online audience.

Chief Inspector Marc Wulf, along with his new partner, Tine Stolz, discovers a dark truth behind the challenges: they are not random, and neither are the victims. Wulf and Stolz race to uncover the identity of the app developer before the next challenge drops… along with another body.

In this startling thriller, author Noah Fitz strikes at an internet generation driven by the need for constant stimulation, a lust for status, and the fear of not belonging. Just how far will kids go to fit in?

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DARK COUNTRY by T.J. Brearton


by T.J. Brearton

Discover a collection of five heart-pounding crime thrillers by bestselling author T.J. Brearton! In this five-book box set you’ll get a selection of great thrillers with fantastic emotional character development. Don’t miss out on this acclaimed series of unputdownable crime thrillers with twists you won’t see coming, keeping you gripped right till the end.

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