The EvoAngel by Ellen King Rice

The EvoAngel

by Ellen King Rice

When an elderly mushroom hunter produces feathers, her instinct is to hide in her beloved woods – but her daughter and granddaughter may be feathered next. Is there something in the local mushrooms activating their DNA? And, far more frightening, there are human predators about, ready to make a fortune on the corpse of an angel.

This hard-science thriller featuring epigenetics is set deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest and features pen-and-ink illustrations of area fungi.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

DEFENDING GINA by Julia Barash


by Julia Barash


This suspenseful murder mystery/ courtroom drama has bold twists and turns. The plot highlights the sexual evolution of women of the 70’s, straight and gay. It also provides a penetrating look at steroid use and exploitation of young athletes. The climax consists of a full-blown trial and an explosive ending.

Introducing Miami attorney Sarah Ruben and her unforgettable, quirky boutique law firm. Funny, edgy and entertaining, Sarah makes the most boring case come alive.

While preparing for trial, Sarah falls in love with a handsome, single, athletic, hotel-broker. Her steamy, fun romance contrasts with the lesbian defendant’s sultry, volatile relationship with the victim.

Can Sarah get her client acquitted?

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Category: Thrillers – Legal

Kin or Country by Paul Alster

Kin or Country

by Paul Alster

Civil war is drawing closer.
A fierce political battle engulfs a once-in-a-lifetime referendum.
Is a new era about to begin?
Israel, 2048. The Ultra-Orthodox now form the majority among Jews. The country has changed rapidly to reflect their religious values and the new status quo.
On the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the state a referendum is called to decide whether to separate into two independent nations: one religious, the other secular.
The fate of Israel will be determined by its own people, but foreign powers have their own reasons for seeking to influence the outcome of the vote.
Against the backdrop of a no-holds-barred political campaign and with the clock ticking fast towards the day of reckoning, a man’s body found in the Jerusalem hills seems initially of little consequence—until his identity is revealed.
Could this discovery impact the fate of the entire country?

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Category: Thrillers – Political



by AJ Campbell

“That bone-chilling winter’s day when my brother returned home for good was when I first contemplated murdering my mother.”

How far would you go to protect your family?

When Eva’s son is born with a serious hereditary illness, she is forced to find forgiveness for her estranged mother until a shocking discovery leaves her fearing for her baby’s life.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

MAX (Book 1, Homecoming) by Simon King

MAX (Book 1, Homecoming)

by Simon King

First they raped his girlfriend. Then they murdered his brother. Isn’t revenge the sweetest thing?
Dylan never expected to end up in maximum-security at just 18. But after being involved in a horrific car accident with his brother, he’s locked up in the worst prison imaginable. Now isolated and alone, he must face one of the most dangerous places on earth, where prison gangs rule and authority doesn’t wear a badge.
After being forced to smuggle drugs for one of the worst gangs in the prison, Dylan is caught in a downward spiral, into a world where justice is served in blood. Can a kid save himself from hell on earth or will the gangs end his life forever?
Homecoming is the first book in the MAX series, an often raw and brutal story of survival. If you like your books fast-paced, gripping and original, then you’ll love this new and exciting crime thriller series.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

MAX (Book 2, Initiation)

by Simon King

With the death of his brother, Aiden, still fresh in his mind, Dylan faces more grief when he’s betrayed by someone closest to him. With the Jesters continuing to force his hand, Dylan faces his toughest choice yet, to face them alone or join one of the rival gangs.

But joining a gang isn’t easy in a place built to house the worst of them. Initiation in this place involves spilling blood, breaking bones and fighting for your very life. Trapped in a world where battles are counted by scars, Dylan knows that the initiation is just the beginning. Will he make the right decision or the biggest mistake of his life?

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Strike Point by John Etterlee

Strike Point

by John Etterlee

CIA Operative, Roger O’Neil goes deep undercover in Russia and teams up with a group of SAS Soldiers amidst a growing nuclear threat against America and a ruthless killer stalking them from the shadows.

Former U.S. Army Ranger, Roger O’Neil is living quietly on his Montana ranch with his family, raising horses and teaching his children to appreciate the simple life. With his horrid past behind him, he wants nothing more than to live the American dream. But, that dream will come at a high price.

America is at the brink of war with Russia. Roger is pursued by a mysterious agent and reluctantly recruited into a new CIA clandestine unit. Sent undercover into the heart of Moscow as a Canadian tourist, Roger slowly begins to unravel the biggest international conspiracy committed by any country since the Cold War.

After a raid on a sleeper cell in downtown London, British Special Forces collect evidence that points them straight to Russia’s nuclear weapons program and their cooperation with the CIA.

With tensions rising to a boiling point, Roger and the SAS find themselves directly in the middle of an impending nuclear war between east and west.

And, a shadowy Russian assassin hot on their trail.

As the Russian leadership continually taunts the American president, and fear among the public at an all-time high, can they defeat the most lethal contract killer in Russia and prevent an attack on American soil in a deadly game of nuclear chess?

Or, is this the beginning of World War Three?

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage