Unleashed by Susan Cady Allred


by Susan Cady Allred

Teen-aged siblings ripped apart by the A.G.E.N.C.Y.
Lied to and told the other was dead, then recruited and trained to become A.G.E.N.C.Y. spies.
Follow them through this complete five-book series filled with deception, discovery, death, and redemption.

This YA action-adventure book box bundle has books 1-5 of the Unleashed series including:

Book 1: Unleashed
Book 2: WithDREW
Book 3: Detonate
Book 4: Nathan Unleashed
Book 5: Hard to Kill

Dive into this teen spy thriller filled with bone-breaking fight scenes, toe-curling kisses, and family ties that will never be broken. The Unleashed series is the perfect mystery suspense for both teens and adults alike!

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Outback Outlaw by Ryan Green

Outback Outlaw

by Ryan Green

Fifty armed police officers surrounded the home of Ivan Milat. Detaining a man with a hatred for authority and an obsession with firearms would be a monumental challenge, but he had to pay for practising his favourite sport: hunting humans. An uncompromising account of a man who cemented his place in the annals of Australian true crime.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Altered by Robert Kaufman


by Robert Kaufman

When Frank Devlin walks into Justin Wright’s office, the renowned Manhattan psychiatrist decides to take on one of the most challenging cases of his career.
After their first session, it’s obvious Frank has multiple personalities (“alters”). Justin must get to know each alter to discover the best way to help Frank live a full and happy life. He must also delve into Frank’s past, one filled with mystery, darkness and trauma.
As Justin deals with Frank’s issues, he’s also confronted with his own: the kidnapping of Michael, his youngest son, seven years earlier… his wife Mandy who refuses to accept her son is gone… the struggle with his oldest son, Dylan, who was watching Michael the day he was taken. And, unbeknownst to Justin, Frank and his alters are weaving themselves into his life in ways that will affect the Wright family forever.
A suspense-filled story driven by emotion, angst and revenge, “Altered” brings readers down a twisted path of uncertainty and mind games ­— leaving them shocked, heartbroken and questioning what could possibly come next…

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

One Dark Night by Anna Faversham

One Dark Night

by Anna Faversham

A romantic thriller mystery. It is 1821 and smuggling is rife on the English coast. Lucy Yorton, dragged away from her privileged early life, is suspected of being a spy and is treated accordingly. Her problems increase when two men enter her life. Lieutenant Karl Thorsen, sworn to avenge the death of his father, is a King’s man. He is determined to stop the violent smugglers and hang them, one in particular. Daniel Tynton has smuggling in his blood. Undaunted by Thorsen’s threats, he is respected and feared. When he witnesses a cruel murder, he makes a decision, and many lives will never be the same. Readers’ Favorite Bronze Award & 5* review.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

Her Husband’s Secret by Emily Shiner

Her Husband’s Secret

by Emily Shiner

When Eloise discovers her husband Jared has a son with another woman, Tina, she wants a divorce.
But a prenup will leave her with nothing, so she plots revenge with her cousin Ricky.
She’ll kill Jared and set Tina up to take the fall.
What she hasn’t counted on is Ricky’s unpredictability. He has a plan too. And it’s Eloise’s worst nightmare.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

FLEE (A Nomad Thriller Book 2) by Joe Klingler

FLEE (A Nomad Thriller Book 2)

by Joe Klingler

Claire’s scream instantly transformed Damon’s nomadic existence. Army snipers do not scream. Not in an ordinary world. But the world hadn’t been normal since the first corpse became a ‘redhead’ statistic.

Now it was Claire’s turn…
It was known that victims lived only 51 days.
It was known that millions had died in prison cells.
It was known that the government was dragging children from their homes.

Damon had ridden a motorcycle through a typhoon ravaged jungle. Landed in Washington with money-power at his fingertips. Witnessed a missile attack and landmine explosion. Then…Claire screamed.

Leaving Damon seven weeks and two days to do the impossible via the improbable and reveal the unthinkable.

But standing in Claire’s condo, as the echo of her voice fades into the deserted streets of the District of Columbia, he knows they have only one option…

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies