Cut-Throat Syndrome by Michael Allan Scott

Cut-Throat Syndrome

by Michael Allan Scott

If tough guys like Reacher, Bourne, or Bosch get you going, wait until you meet Lance Underphal and crew.

When a drone packed with explosives is sucked into the engine of a Chinese airliner, a hacker cult claims responsibility. The next day, Lance leads a homicide detective to the headless corpse of an unidentified teenager. Throw in an ex-SEAL P.I. tracking a CIA informant gone rogue and it gets interesting.

Cut-Throat Syndrome is new and different, miles beyond a run-of-the-mill murder mystery, more than an action thriller. Red hot, it’s the latest addition to the absorbing novels showcased on NBC.

Tangled in international intrigue, this tale of greed and conspiracy delves into a disturbing world ripped out of tomorrow’s headlines. A little too close for comfort, it’s not a guessing game for the faint of heart. Tonight, challenge yourself to an outrageous read.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

Carolina Dance by Alex Cage

Carolina Dance

by Alex Cage

They took his peace and quiet. He’ll pay them back in fists and bullets…

Charlotte, North Carolina. Ex-Special Forces Captain Orlando Black is long overdue for some peace and quiet. So when cops arrest him on the quiet city streets, he struggles to keep his cool against the blatant racial profiling. And after the FBI infiltrates his case, he gets entangled in a criminal conspiracy that could force him to dodge bullets all over again.

Managing to exonerate himself and team up with a local police officer, Black taps into his martial arts skills to fend off an attack by armed killers. With innocent citizens caught up in the violent mayhem, the captain makes a promise to a victim’s terrified wife. And if he has to spill blood to keep his word, then so be it…

Can Black take down the brutal mastermind before his city suffers more death and destruction?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Strange Deaths of the Last Romantic by Moses Yuriyvich Mikheyev

Strange Deaths of the Last Romantic

by Moses Yuriyvich Mikheyev

The year is 1997. After the tragic death of his mother, the seven-year-old Adam Micah, thrown into a terrible family within the foster care system, commits his first suicide. However, when Adam places the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger, he discovers he doesn’t die—instead, his body rematerializes elsewhere.

The return to life after every suicide or death-by-bullet comes at a cost: Adam loses memories of himself. To help himself remember and keep track of his identity, Adam regularly publishes obituaries in The New York Times.

​The Wisher—an elusive entity—has been pursuing Adam ever since he was a teenager. With every suicide, and with every obituary that Adam publishes, The Wisher gets closer.
One night—after many such suicides and reappearances—Adam pulls the trigger and finds himself on the campus of Emory University. There, he runs into the enigmatic Lilyanne Beloshinski, daughter of the wealthy Mr. Beloshinski.

A reckless romantic at heart, Adam seduces Lilyanne—only to discover that she, too, holds secrets. As the two lovers grow closer together, and as the mysteries between them unfold, Adam begins to realize the true identity of The Wisher, and just how far The Wisher would go to murder him once and for all.

With his deaths coming at the cost of precious memories, will Adam’s gift be a blessing or a curse?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Biomass by R C Ducantlin


by R C Ducantlin

The plan create a pandemic: A designer drug to cure the flu and six billion people. Fighting is easy when the alternative is extermination.

Curing The Flu Had Side Effects: Metaphysical Power. Who Controls The New Humans And Their Evil Plan?

Hope For Humankind Fell On Me. Heaven Help Us.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


by R C Ducantlin

The strike team, my team, is the group chartered with fixing the Vivian problem. It is a basic human truth, people are preferential to being powerful. What do you do with a product that can save lives but has the side effect of granting new super powers to a select few?

Corb Levi Johnson was trying to graduate High School, chasing girls, drinking Shiner beer, and toting bales. Now, his new powers come with new responsibilities.

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A Baby’s Right to Choose (A Novel) by David L. Winters

A Baby’s Right to Choose (A Novel)

by David L. Winters

A young couple faces a difficult choice when their idyllic senior year of high school is interrupted by an unexpected pregnancy. Stranger still, the women’s clinic where Ashley seeks advice becomes the center of a murder investigation. As tensions rise, a frightened young woman and her boyfriend must decide if faith or convenience will rule the day.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical

Death is in the Details by Heather Sunseri


Death is in the Details

by Heather Sunseri

Faith Day’s condition curses her to recall her mother’s fiery murder like it was yesterday. And when the forensic photographer’s convicted stepbrother is somehow cleared 12 years later and released from prison, Faith wonders if he’ll put an end to her tortured memories. But after a string of eerily familiar fires tear through her small town, Faith starts to question every detail of her traumatic past.

Luke Justice won’t rest until he catches a notorious serial killer masking his murders in arson. Following a trail of deadly blazes to Faith’s doorstep, the FBI agent senses she holds the key to the case. But if he can’t convince her to open up, Luke fears he’ll miss his best chance to put a psychopath behind bars.

Can Faith help Luke unmask the true killer before they both go up in flames?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological