The Recipient by Audrey J. Cole


The Recipient

by Audrey J. Cole

Sergeant Wade McKinnon knows who killed Samantha the moment he arrives at her crime scene. Problem is, he watched her killer die a year ago.

A year after serial killer Michael Rhodes is executed and allowed to donate part of his brain as an organ transplant, Wade gets called to a murder scene that shares uncanny similarities to those of the late Michael Rhodes. Other similar killings happen around Seattle, and Wade seems to be the only person still alive who knows enough about Michael Rhodes’s murders to be able to replicate them. When evidence found at one of the crime scenes points to Wade as the killer, he races to find the real culprit before it’s too late to clear his own name.

Elle is overjoyed when her husband, Brian, receives a partial brain transplant and gets a second chance at life. Until she learns that his brain cells came from a serial killer…

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Category: Thrillers – Medical


Tormented by Susan Clayton-Goldner


by Susan Clayton-Goldner

Father’s Anthony’s devotion to God and His Church begins to unravel the moment Rita Wittier steps inside St. Catherine’s Cathedral in San Francisco. He struggles to control his feelings, but two years later, he is a man obsessed.
In an attempt to rediscover the priest he intended to become, Anthony flies back to Delaware to visit Father Timothy. If redemption can be found anywhere, surely it can be found in the church of his childhood and in the soothing Irish brogue of his old priest.
The months pass, 60 Minutes does a special on Father Anthony and the Shepherd Academy—a school he started for disadvantaged children. He’s become a national hero—nick-named the Good Shepherd. But he can’t get Rita out of his mind. He wants her more than anything—even God—and can no longer deny it. How far will he go to make her his own?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Wolfheart by Paul DiPersio


by Paul DiPersio

Single dad David Holtz needs a new heart. And if he doesn’t find one soon, his six-year-old daughter, Chloey, will end up in a foster home. Turns out, the biotech company he used to work for, Gentax Corporation, has a brand new genetically engineered heart waiting for him at its secret research facility, somewhere in the jungle of southeast Mexico. But there’s a catch. His new heart was harvested from a wolf, and doesn’t like being trapped in the body of a human.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical

First Deceit: A Conspiracy Thriller (The Fatal Deceit Trilogy Book 1) by Henry Farley

First Deceit: A Conspiracy Thriller (The Fatal Deceit Trilogy Book 1)

by Henry Farley

Jack and Elsa knew one thing…
Miami was magical—and full of wealthy businessmen just begging to be conned out of their money.
Jack uses Elsa’s confidence as an erotic dancer to lure men into embarrassing situations that they will pay generously to escape from.
Could this trick continue to bring in riches for this unscrupulous pair?
When Jack and Elsa target Irish-American tycoon Simon Walsh, Jack believes the payday could well be their last—and he may be right. The scam goes dangerously wrong, and Jack attempts a new form of deceit to extract an even more enormous amount of money from Walsh. His scheme involves his dangerous contacts in the criminal underworld.
Surely being a seasoned con would pave the way for Jack and Elsa to live the rest of their days comfortably well-off.
Or has Jack gone too far?
You’ll love this thriller because everyone loves deciding who’s the villain and who’s the victim in a tale of divided loyalties and twisted characters.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

Escalation by Peter Nealen


by Peter Nealen

A Storm is About to Break…

The mission was straightforward enough. Infiltrate civil-war-torn Slovakia, rescue the hostage, then get out undetected.

Except that it’s not Matt Bowen’s first rodeo. He and his teammates know well just how badly things can go once the metal meets the meat.

But even these hardened combat veterans aren’t ready for what’s about to go down…

A coordinated surprise attack. Massacres in the countryside. The next world war might have just kicked off, in a storm of blood, fire, and betrayal.

Read the visceral, hard-hitting action thriller that will leave your ears ringing!

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Category: Thrillers – Military

Double Down by Jameson Patterson

Double Down

by Jameson Patterson

In a world where nothing is real the truth is just the lie you believe the most.

When a rogue U.S. drone strike on an ISIS base in Syria accidentally kills an American hostage, news of her death has to be suppressed to prevent a political firestorm. In a desperate ploy a CIA fixer is tasked with using fake video to create the illusion that she is still alive until the situation can be contained. But a ruthless cabal of arms manufacturers and their corrupt Washington lackeys will stop at nothing to get the massive payday that only all-out war will bring.

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Category: Thrillers – Political