Through Shattered Glass

by Lena Venti

The last person you want knocking on your door is an armed woman with ruby red lips and a thick Russian accent.

Liliana is an archeology professor who’s been trying to figure out what normal life is after an unfortunate accident cost her everything she knew. She is clueless, alone, and the only image that lingers in her mind is the vision of a mysterious dagger of glass. Little does she know, that dagger of glass is what will change everything. Her life seems dull and uneventful, until the Russian mafia comes knocking on her door.
Liliana is sent to Paris, no questions asked, down a spiraling world of crime and conspiracy. Everything is new and nothing is as it seems. It doesn’t help that Maksim, the devilishly mysterious associate tasked with escorting her, is as silent as a stone. Things will get bloody soon, and it all has to do with that dagger of glass.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime