Throwback & Backlash

by Kirk Alex

Ménage as Pressure Cooker.
About to boil over. . .

It started innocently enough with a dead car battery and a mean Pyrenees mix.
But before the day was done, Fred Reed, a Midwestern boy with a troubled past
looking for a fresh start in California, was in love. The only thing standing in his
way is Margie’s husband, Frank, a bounty hunter, who Fred happens to work for.
She can’t leave him, and Fred doesn’t see himself as a murderer, although the
bruises on Margie are becoming harder to ignore.
Margie’s scheme to make Frank’s death look like an accident seems like the
perfect plan. But murder is best served neat, and lust and greed make for a potent
cocktail that’s liable to combust. Now Fred’s caught up in a dangerous scheme that’s
quickly spiraling out of control, as he proves he’ll do anything for love and money.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime