Thy Killer’s Keeper

by Edita A. Petrick

Where do you draw the line between murder and torture?

A horrific murder has taken place in Southern California. Emily Waters, a local teacher, has been bound in duct tape – leaving only her eyes exposed – and crushed to death on the Eureka freeway. Who could have done this?

FBI Agents John Salton and Ruby Tam are sent to investigate further. As they explore the dark secrets of a town driven by sex and alcohol Ruby can’t help but feel that her partner is withholding information from her.

John’s son is now eight years old, but John hasn’t seen him for six of those years – not since the fateful day that changed everything. To his horror, his son is being ‘kept’ in a location just a few miles away from Eureka.

Who killed Emily Walters? How will John and Ruby maintain their covers? Why won’t John visit his son?

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Category: Thrillers – Medical