To Charm a Killer

by W. L. Hawkin

A Wicca coven. A sexy magician. A terrifying prophecy, and a serial killer hunting witches. When a 17-year-old girl gets caught up in the charm, it all gets very personal. Can High Priest Estrada solve this mystery, find the killer and stop him? Or is he too caught up in the charm?

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – LGBT

To Sleep with Stones

by W. L. Hawkin

When a renegade archaeologist discovers an ancient Egyptian artifact in Scotland, Dylan McBride’s world implodes. Imprisoned for murder, he summons his friend, the Wicca Priest, Estrada, to solve the crime and set him free. Unable to turn down Dylan’s cry for help, Estrada abandons his melancholy lover in Canada where he gets targeted by a vicious vampire. Estrada faces his inner demons. After playing vampire for years, Michael Stryker confronts a real vampire in a life-changing showdown. And, sweet, virginal, Dylan McBride, faces his greatest fears in one of Scotland’s most terrifying prisons. Who will survive?

A fast-paced mystery/thriller spiked with edgy urban fantasy, that opens portals into the realm of witches, faeries, and vampires.

$1.99 Previously $3.99