To Charm a Killer

by W. L. Hawkin

“As one of you has spun the charm, now none of you are safe from harm.
One who all felt they could trust, breeds deception cloaked in lust.
One will gain their heart’s desire; while yet another pays with fire.
Before the dark of winter night, four souls pass over into light.
Once begun it cannot end, but circles round as circles bend.”

A Wicca Coven. A terrifying prophecy. A seventeen-year-old girl and a serial killer hunting witches.

The coven spins a charm to catch the killer, but spells have repercussions and chaos ensues. An innocent girl gets caught up in the charm and their high priest flies to Ireland to save her. But can Estrada stop the killer or is he too caught up in the charm himself?

W. L. Hawkin weaves threads of Macbeth and ancient Irish myth with edgy love in this mysterious urban fantasy. Book One of the Hollystone Mysteries.

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Category: Mystery – Series