To Kill A Conman

by Kevin Berry

Everyone falls prey to the conman. One victim seeks revenge.
Stuart Baker makes a lot of dough from conning people. He always has a scheme on the go. His enemies outnumber his friends, but Baker doesn’t care about that. Crime pays too well.
His new girlfriend suspects his money is dirty. A business rival eyes his club. Baker’s latest victims want revenge.
While private investigator Danny Ashford closes in on the scammer who hacked his bank card, his new neighbour asks him to have a word with her sleazy boss. Determined to help her out, Danny discovers telling hardened criminals to lay off isn’t easy—it’s dangerous.
Broke and desperate, Danny doesn’t think his life can get any worse. Then Baker is found murdered, and Danny becomes the main suspect.
With the help of sassy reporter Deepa Banwait, Danny must prove his innocence before the police lock him up and throw away the key…

$1.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Private Investigators