Tokyo Black

by Andrew Warren

The CIA betrayed him. Now they need his help…

Thomas Caine was the CIA’s deadliest killer. Then he was burned, betrayed, and left for dead. Now he survives off the grid, in the seedy underworld of Pattaya, Thailand. But when a feud with local criminals lands him in jail, his old CIA masters return with an offer he can’t refuse… Rot in a hellish Thai prison, or accept one last mission in Tokyo, Japan.

Forced to hunt the neon-lit city for a CIA asset’s runaway daughter, Caine soon crosses paths with a sinister faction of the yakuza crime syndicate. When his investigation reveals a disturbing link between the missing girl and these violent killers, Caine finds himself drawn into a terror plot that could throw the US and Japan into chaos.

He’s been betrayed before. But this time, he’s not going down without a fight…

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Espionage