Trace of Madness

by K.E. Young

Twelve years ago, Charley Rogers was attacked by a serial killer. She survived, but not all wounds heal and the ones on your soul can make you a monster if you aren’t careful.

Life was good for undercover ATF agent Charley Rogers. Twelve years ago, she was targeted by the serial killer known as ‘The Butcher’, but she had survived and over time, the physical scars had faded.

The psychological ones were another matter. She had mentally put the experience in a box and closed the lid. It was over. Or so she thought.

Her latest assignment, a sting operation meant to bring down the mysterious Triple Six gang, has brought her face to face with her demons and cracked the box. Gradually, her carefully constructed self is shattering.

Would she become the very thing she hates most?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological