Two Princes and a Queen

by Shmuel David

Alan, an Israeli computer expert living in New York, is called to Israel when his father suffers a stroke. His semi-conscious father mumbles mournfully about his first love, Inge, whom he was forced to leave under tragic circumstances. He implores Alan to find out what became of her. When his father dies, Alan becomes inexorably drawn to delving into the past. He pores over his father’s journals as well as other survivor diaries and letters, together with recorded interviews with Erica, the one remaining survivor. Bit by bit, he uncovers the horrendous story of the young lovers’ harrowing voyage down the Danube River along with hundreds attempting to flee the Nazis for Israel in a historic fiasco that came to be called the Kladovo-Sabac Affair. While focusing on a touching love story, this historical novel also tells the ill-fated, real-life stories of other people who shaped the journey.

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Category: Mystery – Historical