Uncle and Ants: A Silicon Valley Mystery (Book 1)

by Marc Jedel

Mysterious attacks. Mischievous nieces. Can a clueless uncle catch a tech-savvy killer … and be home before bedtime?

A freak accident hospitalizes Marty Golden’s sister. A suspicious murder suggests it was no mere coincidence. Something must be done.

Too bad this quirky, fashion-backward uncle isn’t exactly hero material.

Convinced his sister’s in mortal danger, this amateur sleuth follows clues to oddball suspects. Armed with only an eye for detail and powers of self-delusion, Marty bumbles through the investigation.

Can Marty catch the culprit, save his sister, and get his life back in order before he gets unplugged?

Like clever humor, sassy side characters, and average Joes facing extraordinary circumstances? You’ll love this twisty mystery, set in Silicon Valley.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy