by Joanne Griffiths

Growing up in chaotic circumstances, Rebecca yearns for a different life; one that isn’t full of misery, and pain, and violence, at the hands of her mother. So, when she meets Simon, she believes he is her knight in shining armour, but as their relationship intensifies, it doesn’t take long for Rebecca to realise her mistake. That she has swapped one level of abuse for another.
Pregnant, and alone, Rebecca embraces the prospect of a new beginning; mother and child together. Until fate intervenes, and a chance encounter with Simon leads to tragedy.
If only he hadn’t been abusive. If only her mother had accepted the baby. If only her sister wasn’t the golden child…the one who could do no wrong!
Once again Rebecca is forced to start a new life, but the secrets of her old one can’t stay buried forever. And, when the truth is finally revealed, the only thing she has left…is revenge.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological