by KJ Sutherland

A deadly crash on the shores of a French abbey. A political conspiracy. A military lawyer betrayed.

Captain Storm DeVries has been held back from a promotion to prosecute Major Skylar Diggs for joyriding twenty-eight souls to their deaths. She believes the Air Force has been too lenient with pilots who care more about their “Top Gun” antics than the value of human life.

Storm is a general’s daughter and is just as loyal to the Air Force as her father is. But she knows Diggs is guilty. The question is whether she can prove it. There are no witnesses, the cockpit voice recorder is missing, and Diggs isn’t talking.

Then Storm gets a mysterious phone call that takes her down a path of secrets, lies, and conspiracies. It will not only challenge the core of her beliefs, but it will also lead her into grave danger. Will she have the courage to reveal what the most powerful military in the world is so desperate to conceal?

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Category: Thrillers – Legal