Unnatural Causes

by T.E. Harkins

Life in a retirement community can be murder!

Madeline Delarouse always thought growing old would take a lot longer. But when her adult kids move her into an upscale retirement community on the west coast of Florida, she fears her best days are behind her. That is, until her new neighbor is found dead – a golf club stuck in her head.

Against the orders of her sarcastic son and exceptionally well-informed daughter, Madeline teams up with a wisecracking New York retiree to figure out whodunnit. Could it be the Black Widow living across the street? The mysterious Colombian in the colored caftan? Or the ex-Super Bowl quarterback who just can’t stand losing?

Against a backdrop of perpetually sunny skies, endless activities and lots and lots of over sixty-fives in golf carts, Madeline has to find out who killed her neighbor and why before her nosiness makes her the killer’s next victim.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Dead Men’s Wife

by T.E. Harkins

All’s fair in marriage, money, and murder…

In the luxury retirement community of Egret’s Loft, residents gather to celebrate the wedding of two of their own. But not all of the elderly attendees wish the newlyweds well. Hushed rumors flow faster than the champagne—accusing the bride, a serial widow, of murdering her previous husbands. So, when the groom is found dead, a cork lodged in the back of his throat, suspicion automatically falls on his black widow wife.

With the police poised to make an arrest, Madeline—who’s not entirely convinced of the bride’s innocence herself—resolves to dig deeper into the dead man’s past. But as Madeline and her new best friend, Gina, try to unravel a complex web of resentment, greed, and deceit, the killer sets their sights on their next victim.

Can Madeline unmask the murderer before she stumbles across the secret someone’s killing to keep?

$0.99 Previously $2.99