Unnatural Mayhem

by Sue Coletta

The cat burglar, the killer, and the shaman unite as eco-warriors to save Mother Earth’s most precious beings—animals. Even if it means slaughtering their captors.
Explosive news of a crow hunt rings out in the White Mountain Region of New Hampshire, and one hundred crows gather to put an end to it. With so many lives at stake—including Poe’s—Shawnee and Mayhem must work together to stop the trophy hunters before they obliterate the local murder. Taking on twenty-five experienced hunters armed with shotguns is no small feat. If they fail, Poe may lead his brethren to their death.

No matter what it takes, this group must be stopped. But what if Shawnee and Mayhem aren’t seeing the full picture? What if these men have secrets worth killing over?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological