by M Y Antrobus

“If you ever speak my name, or tell anyone what just happened, I’ll find out where you live, I’ll break into your home, creep into your bedroom at night, and stab you to death with a knife from your mother’s kitchen. Do you understand?”

All hell breaks loose when a teenager goes missing in a close-knit neighbourhood in East London. Avery, a sharp unassuming pensioner, sees her quiet, predictable life viciously turned on its head, and watches in horror as the people she loves crumble.

Destitute, and determined not to return to walking the streets at night, Dolly will do anything, and hurt anyone she can to grasp the better life she’s craved for so long.

Worlds collide, death is at every turn as two very different women find themselves thrust into a hidden world of money laundering, kidnap, and ritual killings – all in the name of freedom and justice.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime