Vanished From Budapest

by D.J. Maughan

Two graduate students fall in love, one goes missing…

Peter Andrassy, a native Hungarian and retired NYC detective, is racked with guilt over the murder of his wife. He’s moved home to Budapest seeking a fresh start as a private investigator, believing it will allow him a chance to focus on routine cases as he mends his broken heart.

Stephen, an American graduate student in Budapest, finds Peter and works to persuade him to locate his British girlfriend, Samantha. Peter is hesitant, worrying it may reveal skeletons from his past.

Seeing Stephen has nowhere else to turn, Peter reluctantly agrees but quickly becomes frustrated by how little Stephen seems to know about the woman he claims to love. As Peter unravels the mystery of Samantha’s disappearance, he discovers it may intersect with another case. Budapest has become a frightening place for foreign women, and Peter may be forced into a situation he’s desperate to avoid. Buy Vanished From Budapest today and see if Peter can find Samantha.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime