by Silas Ritter

They cured cancer, and they’re killing to cover up their means.

Collier is an ex-military rogue who couldn’t follow orders. How will he handle working for a corporation where murder is part of the job description?

Matt & Karen are long divorced and hate each other’s guts. What will happen when they reunite to find their son who was long thought dead? Is he? New clues claim otherwise.

Travis and Thaddeus spent most of their lives tortured, neglected, and secluded in a basement, but gifted with supernatural powers humanity has never seen. After honing their abilities, what will happen when they are let loose into a world they don’t understand?

BJ grew up in the Bible Belt with his faith as his anchor. When a stranger comes to town with a new religion, what side will he choose?

How does the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company bind them all? They all collide in a showdown none of them saw coming.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers