Violets & Venom: The Black Orchid Cozy Mystery Series

by Pyper James

Princeton Wyatt is dead. Vivica Meadows, the new owner of The Black Orchid Flower Shop is the one who found him. In a panic, Vivica doesn’t realize she is the primary suspect. If she didn’t have sleuthing skills before, Vivica will need them to get herself out of the mess she finds herself in. With the help of Aunt Mildred, best friend Winifred and her ever faithful hound Maximus, Vivica fights to find out who the real killer is. Being back in her hometown of Dahlonega Georgia has proven to be more than bittersweet. Will the Black Orchid shop be derailed before it even starts? Will Vivica find herself behind bars? Find out in Venom and Violets, Book two in the Black Orchid Mystery Series.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy